Friday, August 12, 2011

Kelp Drawing on a Surfboard

I tried something a little different this time. I drew some kelp on the foam and wrapped it on to the fins... came out pretty cool!

Luke's New Micah Wood Model

Lukes custom 9'6" Micah Wood Model glassed by one of the best glasser's in San Diego. Thanks Michael Miller for all of the great glass jobs! Iv'e got more on the way.

Fins Fins Fins

Phil's New Missing Link, with a Diamond Tail

After foiling out his fins, I handed them over and he did some pretty killer wood burning artwork on them. Check it out! The fins look great Phil!

a couple more for Surfer's Surf Shop

The new Hodad Model is comin' in hot! Super fun old school rocker, with a twist of modern-ness to allow for some fun and lengthy noserides. My new Hodad model fin template is working insane too!

Greg's new Crusoe!

Greg's board is done! It's always great to hear when a customer sends you an email after they have been riding their new stick to let you know how well the board is working. Thanks again Greg!

Jason's Keel Fins

Finished up Jason's Keel Fins for his new 6'2" Fisherman that's on the way.

Kaley's Crusoe Model is finished!

Kaley's 9'4" Crusoe Model is all finished, and it is soooo purdy!

For Surfer's Surf Shop in Japan

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stolen Wood Custom Surfboard

Someone stole Dey's Custom 9'8" Micah Wood Model from his backyard. This is the only Wood Custom Surfboard out there that looks like this one...notice the bands on the entire length of the bottom of this board. So, if anyone sees this board, or knows where it is. Please contact Dey, or me. It would sure be nice to see this board back home safe and sound to it's original owner, as well as seeing the thief being tarred and feathered! Shame on you Mr. thief!