Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Faria Adventure

While taking a break after some mind boggling noserides up at Rincon Last week, Preston and I decided to go on a little adventure. We found this spooky cave that we had to go explore...
Here is the starting of our adventure. We were told to beware of Trolls and snake pits!

It was pretty dark inside...we had a sense, but never knew what was learking in the shadows...probably the trolls.

The weirdest part of this cave was that we grew larger and larger the farther in we went. We grew so big that eventually we were crawling through the long and gruesome tunnel on our hands and knees!

After jumping over snake pits and alligators, and escaping the cave trolls (they were incredibly loud, but more annoying than anything) we made it through to the other side...of the street.

And on the other side was this beautiful lagoon filled with crystal brown muddy water. Nothing better than a good adventure and some great imagination!
the end.